Downlight/spot/floodlight TB41157.02.56.53

Arclite - TB41157.02.56.53 - Downlight/spot/floodlight TB41157.02.56.53
Photo source: fig. possibly similar
Photo source: fig. possibly similar
TB41157.02.56.53 4062029107791 EAN/GTIN

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Downlight/spot/floodlight, Suitable for surface mounting no, Suitable for recessed mounting yes,... more
Downlight/spot/floodlight TB41157.02.56.53 – Arclite – 4062029107791: Downlight/spot/floodlight, Suitable for surface mounting no, Suitable for recessed mounting yes, Suitable for wall mounting no, Suitable for pendulum suspension no, Suitable for ceiling mounting yes, Suitable for truss mounting no, Suitable for pedestal/floor mounting no, Suitable for track mounting no, Suitable for clamp mounting no, Suitable for rope system no, Adjustability not adjustable, With motion detector no, With light sensor no, Illuminant LED not interchangeable, With illuminants yes, Suitable for number of lamps 1, Lamp holder without, Material of the housing Aluminum, Surface powder-coated, Housing color black, Material of the cover Glass transparent, Surface brushed no, Voltage AC, Rated voltage 220..240 V, With operating device yes, Dimming dependent on control gear no, Dimming 0-10 V no, Dimming 1-10 V no, Dimming DALI no, Dimming DMX no, Dimming DSI no, Dimming Potentiometer (device-integrated) no, GPRS dimming no, Dimming LineSwitch no, Dimming manufacturer-specific no, Dimming Mains voltage modulation no, Dimming Phase section no, Dimming Phase control no, Programmable dimming yes, Dimming RF no, Dimming Sine Wave Reduction no, Dimming Touch and Dim no, Dimming Zigbee yes, Dimming with push-button no, Without dimming function no, Reflector frosted, light distributor Reflector, Light distribution symmetrical, Beam angle narrow beam 11-20, Light outlet directly, Rated service life L80/B10 at 25 °C 50000 h, Degree of protection (IP) IP20, Protection class I, Max. System performance 33 W, Light color multicolored, Color temperature 1800..16000 K, Color rendering index CRI 90-100, Luminous flux 2465 lm, Power factor 0.9, Outer diameter 135 mm, Installation height/depth 180 mm, Installation diameter 125 mm, Type of wiring graduation, Conductor cross-section 0.5 mm², Connectable conductor cross-section 0.75 mm², Connection type Tabs, luminous efficacy 75 lm/W, Glow wire test according to IEC 60695-2-11 without, Photobiological safety according to EN 62471 RG1, Colour consistency (McAdam ellipse) SDCM4
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Suitable for surface mounting no
Suitable for recessed mounting yes
Suitable for wall mounting no
Suitable for pendulum suspension no
Suitable for ceiling mounting yes
Suitable for truss mounting no
Suitable for pedestal/floor mounting no
Suitable for track mounting no
Suitable for clamp mounting no
Suitable for rope system no
Adjustability not adjustable
With motion detector no
With light sensor no
Illuminant LED not interchangeable
With illuminants yes
Suitable for number of lamps 1
Lamp holder without
Material of the housing Aluminum
Surface powder-coated
Housing color black
Material of the cover Glass transparent
Surface brushed no
Voltage AC
Rated voltage 220..240 V
With operating device yes
Dimming dependent on control gear no
Dimming 0-10 V no
Dimming 1-10 V no
Dimming DALI no
Dimming DMX no
Dimming DSI no
Dimming Potentiometer (device-integrated) no
GPRS dimming no
Dimming LineSwitch no
Dimming manufacturer-specific no
Dimming Mains voltage modulation no
Dimming Phase section no
Dimming Phase control no
Programmable dimming yes
Dimming RF no
Dimming Sine Wave Reduction no
Dimming Touch and Dim no
Dimming Zigbee yes
Dimming with push-button no
Without dimming function no
Reflector frosted
light distributor Reflector
Light distribution symmetrical
Beam angle narrow beam 11-20
Light outlet directly
Rated service life L80/B10 at 25 °C 50000 h
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Protection class I
Max. System performance 33 W
Light color multicolored
Color temperature 1800..16000 K
Color rendering index CRI 90-100
Luminous flux 2465 lm
Power factor 0.9
Outer diameter 135 mm
Installation height/depth 180 mm
Installation diameter 125 mm
Type of wiring graduation
Conductor cross-section 0.5 mm²
Connectable conductor cross-section 0.75 mm²
Connection type Tabs
luminous efficacy 75 lm/W
Glow wire test according to IEC 60695-2-11 without
Photobiological safety according to EN 62471 RG1
Colour consistency (McAdam ellipse) SDCM4

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