FAQ COVID-19 / Corona


Dear Customers of eibmarkt® / eibabo®! Here you will find our answers to your questions concerning the current Covid-19 situation.

Customer service

I have a question regarding an existing order. Is your customer service still available for me?
There are no restrictions.

I have a general/technical question regarding an item. Is your technical department still available?
There are no restrictions.

Order processing

Will the order I already placed still be processed by eibmarkt®? Will my order be processed if I place it now?
Every order placed through our online shops eibmarkt® and eibabo® will be processed promptly by our team in the same reliable manner as always. You will be given continually updated information about the current status of your order.

Availability of goods

Are the items in your online shop actually available? How can I recognize available items in your eibmarkt® and eibabo® shop systems?
You can identify items which are available immediately from the green symbol in the product preview. These are regularly available items from the central warehouse. Items with a delivery period of more than 3 days in the product detail view are items that must be ordered or produced on demand, or delivered directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse. These items are available for delivery at short notice within 3-13 days (depending on the information given in the product detail view).

Are there limitations in the availability of items in your online shop at the moment?
There are no restrictions.

Why is a different, longer delivery period given in my order confirmation?
For some items such as protective equipment and masks or batteries, the manufacturers have been ordered to deliver first to authorities, health care facilities, hospitals etc. For this reason, delays could occur before we are included in the delivery chain as an online retailer.
Due to border controllers, backups etc., delays may occur with certain manufacturers for their deliveries to us. However, most of the items we offer come from Germany, so the supply to our delivery warehouse is scarcely affected.


Will my order actually be shipped, and will it be delivered on time?
All governments have consciously upheld the free worldwide delivery of goods to prevent supply chains from being interrupted. We have no information concerning restrictions faced by our shipping providers.

Are there currently problems with deliveries within the European Union (EU)?
At the moment, we have not received notifications from DHL or national postal operators in EU countries concerning disruptions. As before, eibmarkt® / eibabo® will continue to deliver reliably to all EU countries via DHL. There may be local restrictions imposed by authorities etc. for your country or your region: please request information in this regard from the responsible authorities for your area.

What is the situation for deliveries to EFTA states and for worldwide shipping?
At the moment, the items you order can be shipped without a problem via DHL International, DHL Express or freight carriers. eibmarkt®.com GmbH is one of the few exporters authorized by the German customs authorities in this industry. Our own digital customs clearance allows us to inspect and influence processes in a rapid, unbureaucratic manner.

Risk of infection

How high is the risk of infection for me if I receive a product delivery?
With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe, we have activated our internal pandemic plan. In addition to increased hygiene and precautionary measures for our employees, this also means that areas such as dispatch handling are regularly disinfected. The world health organization WHO considers the transmission of Covid-19 virus via packaging or filling material to be almost impossible. However, please observe the relevant necessary hygiene measures upon delivery of the goods by the shipping provider.

eibmarkt.com GmbH would like to thank you for your understanding and your continued trust in our company. We wish the best of health to you and your families, our employees and all partners throughout this time. Panic, hysteria and hoarding should be avoided in order to maintain the foundations of our society.

Yours sincerely,
Marco Labáhn (CEO) & the entire team at eibmarkt.com GmbH

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