Delivery UK possible again

As of now, B2B and B2C shipping to the UK is possible again for eibabo® customers. Please note that a minimum order value of *** 135 GBP *** (total value of goods without shipping costs or other additional costs) must be reached before the checkout button is active.

eibabo® is an undertaking of GmbH. GmbH is one of the few exporters authorized by the customs authorities in these industry. Multiple times a year, the customs authorities review compliance with all criteria. eibmarkt® GmbH is connected to the data center of the AEB and acts in accordance with the ATLAS procedure certified by the federal finance office. Our own digital customs clearance allows us to inspect and influence processes in a rapid, unbureaucratic manner. Our employees receive comprehensive training in this system and have multilingual backgrounds to answer international customer inquiries.

This means that we procure all the necessary goods documentation for export (certificates of origin, movement certificate, proof of preference, other necessary accompanying papers in the import country) to offer you the highest possible degree of comfort and security. Furthermore, every shipment of goods will be declared correctly, which will save you as a customer lots of additional expenses and problems with mailing and customs.