Desktop vs. Mobile

The use of mobile devices has changed dramatically over the last 9 years. This year we have seen the biggest drop in Desktop PC sales. However, when it comes to using the internet, desktop computers, particularly in Europe, are still the most used tools. During the working week, mostly desktop devices are used, which changes dramatically at the weekend because, then, only a few people are at work and mobile devices are used. Employing desktop computers on work days is a relatively stable trend today. Looking at the global development, 53% use smart phones, 42% desktop computers and 5% tablet computers. The average in Europe and the average in Germany specifically shows almost identical figures: 34% smart phones, 59% desktops and 7% tablets, whereas, compared with the Germans, the Dutch and the Brits clearly prefer mobile devices. In Europe, using desktop computers is clearly ahead of using mobile devices and, thus, not yet written off. However, the trend is obvious that means mobile use of the internet in all its shapes and variants is definitely preferred by global players like Google (ranking, mobile index etc.).


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