eibabo® Shopping 4.0 Video presentation

Technology is developing more quickly than ever. But what will the experience of going shopping in your own living room look like in the future?

One major new innovation will be the display of a floating 2D holograph of the desired article using a smartphone. This image displayed will me enormous in comparison to the small smartphone screen, which allows far more information and data than ever before to be made available.

We will also present a 1:1 3D holograph in which the product’s surface structure can be felt using a 3D HapticPad with an included SmellActuator that uses vials to generate scents related to the product. An additional accessory will be a mobile 3D laser beam the size of a matchbox, which will project a 3D holograph of the products onto any desired location in the room.

No matter where your ideas lead you, eibabo® gets you there faster.

eibabo® - technology stores (3D) Video presentation