eibmarkt® - An E-Commerce Veteran Reinvents Itself

With more than 400,000 articles from over 2,500 brand manufacturers, eibmarkt.com has been supplying businesses and private customers from all over the world since 1999. Today, the platform is one of Europe’s leading online shops for smart home supplies, building automation, electrical materials, lighting and tools. The current development stage of the eibabo® online shop project comprises 46 country and language shops in fourteen languages. 500 individual projects, more than 20 payment methods and around 1 million orderable articles indicate just how ambitious this project is. In 1997, back in a world without Google, Marco Labáhn and his eibmarkt.com team developed their first Excel-based online shop, and in doing so became a pioneer in the electronics industry. Today, more than 20 years later, the landscape has changed signifi cantly. Internati onalizati on is becoming increasingly important for German online retailers in the face of growing competiti on from global players such as Amazon. SEO is also playing an increasingly important role in a Google-dominated e-commerce world. For this reason the eibmarkt.com team decided in 2015 to modernize and internationalize their shop. One of the biggest challenges quickly became clear. Having identified 14 target languages for the new eibabo® platform, the translation of existing texts and the development of high-quality and above all SEO-relevant unique content would turn out to be a Herculean task.


eibmarkt® - An E-Commerce Veteran Reinvents Itself...